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479-TK FOX Karambit G10 Trainer Fighting Knife Emerson Wave (Size: XXL)

List Price: $159.95
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List Price: $159.95 $124.95 You save 22%

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We may be out of stock of the FOX 599-XT but we have the New G10 Black Oxide Knife on sale now for $89.95

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Product Description

THE 479-TK FOX KARAMBIT RED G10 TRAINER for XXL (Double Extra Large) Hands.

With many months of waiting, The FOX Karambit G10 Trainer knife is FINALLY here !!! This is a fully functional folding trainer that enables your training to the ultimate level that will practically use your skills in reality. This FOX Karambit G10 Trainer can be used with THE COMPLETE COMBAT KARAMBIT DVD training courses. This Trainer is a perfect training aid for CQC (Close Quarters Combatives) practice and scenario-based training. It is an exact duplicate of our actual knives with stainless steel “dummy” blades. The FOX Karambit G10 folding Trainer is also precisely crafted to be of equal weight as our sharpened blades to achieve accuracy while training. Since you are carrying a real knife, now you can train with the real FOX Karambit G10 Trainer.

If you’re striving to push the edge of your Karambit Defense Training skills to new limits, this is the Trainer to get !!!

Warning: The FOX Karambit Trainer is made of metal, talon shaped, and though it is blunt and dull, care must be observed during training. It may cause pain or may injury if it is used to poke or strike. Its hardness can chip a bone given the chance. Always wear safety goggles or eye protection whenever using the knife, especially during trainings.

Features & Blade Specs

Trainer Specs:
Blade Style: Talon
Blade Edge: Plain (Dull Edge, balanced & weighted: same weight as our sharp edged knives)
Blade Finish: Stainless Steel
Blade Length: 3.2
Steel Type: 440C Stainless Steel
Length Open: 8.5
Length Closed: 5.25
Weight: 4.6 oz.
Thickness: 0.12
Pocket Clip: Black Ambidextrous Tip-Up
Handle Material: G-10 (Composite Material)
Handle Color: Red
Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock
Manufacturing Country: Italy
Retail Price: $159.95

Measure Hand Size

1) Use a Ruler or a Tape Measure

2) Make sure you DO NOT INCLUDE your Thumb and your Fingers in this measurement

3) ONLY measure the WIDTH of the four tops of your knuckles where your fingers attach to your hand (from your Index Pointer Finger Knuckle all the way across to your Pinky Knuckle)

4) If your hand measures 4 Inches or UNDER in width then your hand size falls under Medium to Extra Large(SIZE: M - XL) Category

5) If your hand measures more than 4 Inches in width then your hand size falls under Double Extra large (SIZE: XXL) Category

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