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MaxVenom The PKM (Fits ALL sizes)

List Price: $148.00
You save 22%

List Price: $148.00 $115.95 You save 22%

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Product Description

Introducing the NEW PKM

The Max Venom Product Group is proud to introduce the PKM.

The PKM (Pikal, Karambit Mix) is a hybrid fighting knife that combines the edged weapon application style of the formidable and lethal Pikal fighting knife with the ergonomic benefits and retain ability of the world renowned Karambite .

The Karambite was introduced in 2010 with intention of redefining the last ditch neck knife concept, in an absolute minimalist package, that was capable of inflicting MAXimum damage to an adversary when utilized for the purpose of self-defense.

As the popularity of the Karambite grew, Despins encountered volumes of feedback from customers and potential customers alike. The customers were happy, while many potential customers, voiced interest while sharing their wishes and wants. Much of this commentary focused on the overall blade length of the Karambite. In the end, Despins decided to stay true to the original design and the Karambite remains a Max Venom top selling item to this day.

However, truly state of the art design craft sometimes involves rethinking the unrethinkable .

Having concluded that the Karambite design could not be altered and still live up to its parameters of purpose, Despins began to consider if the Karambite could be repurposed with entirely different parameters, and the PKM is the outcome of, this manner of thinking.

It is the ongoing mission of mission of the Max Venom Product Group to produce state of the art edged and impact weapons in order to facilitate a variety of the most formidable edged weapon fighting styles.

The PMK delivers a unique variation/combination of TWO of Filipino Martial Art s most popular blade styles, the Pikal, AND the Karambit.

The PKM offers the same great quality, craftsmanship and materials that you have come to expect from the Max Venom Product Group, in a hand crafted package that delivers value above and beyond the competition, EVERY time!

Features & Blade Specs


  • Overall length 6.625
  • Blade length 2.375
  • Material S35VN
  • Sheath Custom Kydex
  • Blade Color - Gunmetal
  • Thckness - 0.1875"
  • Manufacturing Country - USA
  • Retail Price - $148.00
  • SALE PRICE - $115.95

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