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Tactical Knife Fighting

Knife fighting is a primal, dangerous and beneficial skill to have especially with today's gun regulations, quite simply, you never know when you might be forced in to defending your life or loved one. We strongly recommend knife training to give you a better respect and understanding of how to use the blade in combat or self-defense. The karambit is known to be one of the best self-defense and tactical knives in the world, here are a few reasons why you may want to consider adding the Karambit training DVD in addition to your Karambit knife or training knife. 

Getting to know the Karambit

The Karambit is a fun but serious knife that should have a deep respect. If you are new to the Karambit or knife fighting in general, you should get to know the intricacies first before ever engaging in a real fighting situation.

Learning the Grip

Learning how to grip the Karambit is important especially during combat. The worse thing that you could face without the proper knowledge is possibly dropping the knife or being stripped altogether. The karambit is unique in design because of the ring at the bottom of the knife which gives you added insurance from being stripped unlike other knives but none the less, should understand the various ways of holding it properly.

Balanced Stance

A balanced stance is instrumental in self-defense and combat in general. Ernie Emerson covers various balanced stances that give you a more strategic defense in a fighting situation.

Self Defense

One of the most valuable if not the most valuable part of this page that marries the other training factors is learning how various defense tactics using the Karambit. The man who brought the wave technology to the Karambit served as a US navy seal and is featured in this training DVD. Learn both basic and advanced defense techniques in this must have video.

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