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Karambit Knife

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         Arming yourself is imperative to preparing for the worst and expecting the best. Emerson Knives is proud to be the first in next generation survival knives and the ultimate 21st Century tactical folding knife. Renutechsolutions is pleased to introduce the FOX Karambit Ultimate Knife, with its patented “Wave Shaped Opening Feature," for lightning fast, single handed deployable draw time, without the assistance of a spring loaded blade. The FOX Karmabit folding knife is the most unassuming and remarkable utility knife on the market, designed for maximum versatility, its ancient design roots span the Indonesian archipelago. The small and compact size of the Ultimate Knife is designed primarily for targeting the nerves and joints of an attacker, which is why the Karambit can be considered such a superior personal self-defense tool. Check out our full line of tactical folding knives designed for all of your personal safety, protection and utilitarian needs.