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READ THE LATEST TESTIMONIAL (from one of our VALUED customers):

"What can I say, owning a Fox Karambit Knife is like owning a Mercedes, quick and fast. It's just so correct ! Every man should own a knife, you never know when you may need it. It is the most formidable and maneuverable knife I've owned. As sharp as the Fox Karambit is, it's curved shape, and that wave catch feature that can be opened with one hand, in any emergency situation it could not only save your life but someone else's as well. Just the other day I was reading an article that had a child who died in a car wreck and no one had a knife to cut them out of the seat belt.

Pasadena Freeway crash leaves leaves good Samaritan neighbors in shock

Very sad. I remember 30 years ago when everyone I knew had a knife. It's too bad that child didn't have the opportunity to be saved as a result of something as simple as a pocket knife; and especially the Fox Karambit Knife because of the talon-shaped curve that is meant to cut into things easier, for example - a seatbelt. Again, very sad situation. Please for yourselves, get this invaluable tool, not just for defense but for rescue as well."

-Mr. Michael W. Whyte

... A few days later we receive another email from Michael...

"I still can't stop thinking of those poor guys fighting to get that baby out of the car seat while the car was on fire. how things would have been so much different if just one person had a Fox Karambit. Imagine if one of those rescuers who had burned their hands so badly; and been able to reach down open the knife single-handed, that way he wouldn't have lost his land marking looking for the restraining strap holding the baby in the burning car, slice the strap with the scalpel sharp blade and pulled the baby to safety. Think of all the lives that would have been changed. I carry a Fox Karambit knife because these are the situations that we can be called upon to react to. There are times when we have to participate in life and not be pedestrians, the equipment you have upon you may be the difference between someone's life or death. Thanks for letting me vent. Take care Lad..."

-Mr. Michael W. Whyte

Another testimonial from Bryan K.:

"I have bought 2 G10's from you, one for my brother-in-law, because he loved the Emerson patent of the one hand opening of the blade, and one for myself. I did some research and LOVED your site, how you're buying a similar knife for a fraction of the cost but the same quality. Plus, when I called you to ask when the knife would be shipped, your dedication to answering your phone, getting ready for church, while I was in Iraq sold me on your dedication to your product and your company. Thank you very much for your dedication, I show my knife to anyone wanting to know what I carry and send them to your site, where 2 people have already said they've placed orders to you for the knife because they like the "faster then spring" opened function of the knife. Thank you again, I will continue to support your site as I believe, even after doing more research recently, that your are the best option in pricing and product than anyone on the internet. God Bless."

-Bryan K.

Read more about what our customers are saying about this amazing knife:

First let me say I am a Spyderco fan, their best designs are very thought out, engineered and manufactured. Having said that... I have to state my Aluminum Fox Karambit is a superb knife. Everything works and is high quality. It's very well designed and thought out for actual use (not some TV or movie knife). The grind lines are dead on. It locks up tight, but opens easily, and is centered when closed, all of which in my book are hallmarks of an excellent knife. Love the wave opener! These Fox Karambits are a great buy at this price!


Ok, so I own alot of knives. This one is by far a cut above all the rest. I love the look, and especially the feel of this knife, If your questioning yourself about spending the money for this knife, DO IT! In my opinion, it is worth more than what it is. The pictures are great, but they don't compare to the real thing and the quality of this knife.

-Bobby K.

There was a slight mixup with my order (my fault) and when I emailed ReNu Tech Solutions trying to fix it, I got a response turnaround in 24 hours. Lad definitely makes you feel like you're a priority; it's a pleasure to purchase anything with them.

-Anthony S.

Wow great customer service! First off I need to admit that this is my second FOX karambit knife. The first one I bought it was at a Marine Corps Personal Exchange and it was about 3 years ago now but about a week ago now I seemed to have lost it. The knife lasted me threw a tour of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and a year in between them both so I was a little heart broken. Well I excepted defeat about 3 days ago and I started looking for a new one. Problem was that it was very difficult finding the same one, considering the Personal Exchange no longer sold them. I remembered it was a FOX knife, but if you google FOX knives, you don't really get the FOX karambit. So after looking threw some forums I heard something about Emerson working with FOX knives to make a karambit. Low and behold I found your website with the same knife I had before but with a few modifications. Awesome thing was that you had that great video explaining the knife, along with its history. I loved my knife before for just being a great tool but now I can really appreciate it. I cant wait to get this new one though and I'll make sure I post something positive on the website. Thank you for supplying me with a great knife again!

-Tim Socha

Great Knife! Great Service! I just got the knife yesterday and it is awesome. Locks up strong and tight with zero blade play. With the wave it opens in a flash and it is SHARP! The G10 is exceptionally grippy and I don't fear this coming out of my hand ever. Very high quality and worth every penny. I'll be carrying it daily. Lad is the contact I dealt with and let me say that he is great. His customer service is second to none. He makes you feel like a number one priority and I recommend anyone interested in a karambit folder to deal with him and this company.


Wow! very impressed with the knife (awesome) the customer service (excellent) and the speed of shipping (fast) for compared to other knife sites I've ordered from. It was about half the price and twice as quick! I would recommend this site to my friends without a doubt. Keep up the good work! thanks for everything.


This knife is super sharp and made extremely well. It only took 3 days to get it. I ordered the Emerson Karambit from 2 different places, after waiting 8 months and no time frames, I canceled my orders. Im glad I did. Thanks for such great and speedy service. I also purchased the FOX Karambit Trainer, It's perfect for live training!


This is The Best edged knife ever. It is far more than a knife. It is extremely sharp, very well made and functionable in many ways. I am working in the Middle East. Many troops carry edged weapons, but I can assure you, they cannot deploy them as fast as this. In this environment, speed could be your friend. I have purchased more than one of these and so have friends of mine. The service is great, and reliable. Promise you will NOT be disappointed. I would suggest ordering the trainer as well. Thanks for a great product!!!!!!

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