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INTRODUCING - BY THE EDGE - Close Quarters Combative Karambit Training
with Doug Marcaida !!! (NTSC - U.S. Version ONLY)

Non-U.S. Residents DO NOT ORDER this version.

For PAL Region 2 (International Version) > CLICK HERE <

Doug Marcaida or Kuya Doug as he is well known is an Edge Impact Weapons Specialist with over 20 years experience in the Filipino Martial Arts of Kali. Doug Marcaida has taught several international as well as U.S. Based Military, corporate and Law Enforcement agencies in his specialized tactics of edge impact weaponry. He is the host of “By The Edge” and “Knife Vs Gun” series segments of Funker Tactical Media on YouTube.

For beginners to expert alike, this Karambit tutorial featuring the marcaida kali methodology of using a numbering system that makes the patterns of movement easy to remember and train on your own. The tutorial will walk you  through his unique way of using the Karambit “the kali way” featuring the special FOX 599 BFO Trainer Karambit as well as the FOX 599 Karambit Folding Knife which uses the Patented Emerson Waved Feature for quick one handed deployment! Over 88 minutes of thorough Karambit Knife Combat Training!

Get this AMAZING Training DVD for ONLY $54.95 !!!

Video Produced and Edited by: Funker Tactical Media, Inc.
Instruction by: Doug Marcaida
DVD produced and distributed by: ReNu Tech Solutions, LLC

Copyright © 2014 ReNu Tech Solutions, LLC. All Rights Reserved. This DVD, the text, images, audio and video files herein are the copyrighted works of ReNu Tech Solutions, LLC. Reproduction in whole or in part, whether on paper, on the internet, on CD-ROM, or any other medium, including utilization in machines capable of reproduction or retrieve, without the express permission of ReNu Tech Solutions, LLC is strictly prohibited.

5 Stars
Excellent Karambit Training Video
This video is a 1 hour video that packs in the equivalent of about 3 quality hours of quality seminar training. The video is of Doug Marcaida talking to the camera demonstrating his teaching with his students. If you have no experience with Kali/Karambit knife work this is a great place to start. If you have some experience at knives the video is still very worthwhile as you can pick up on a lot of Doug's Kali style and ideas. I would rarely give a martial arts video 4 or 5 stars but this is definitely a 5 star recommendation. One important suggestion. The video by itself would be ok... but you need to get your hands on the trainer version of the knife so you can try and feel what Doug is presenting. With these knifes you need a trainer knife to learn how to effectively use it. I picked up the video when I purchased the DART knife and DART trainer. My one suggestion.... I hope there is soon a DART knife version of this training video. Doug - Thanks for the good teaching. Geoff FYI - My art is Kenpo. I have done some cross training with Filipino arts. Kenpo is great Mono Mono foundation but we are not necessarily competent at the Kali level of training with bladed weapons. I picked this up supplementing my own development. The DART knife is an incredible tool that can be easily deployed into any close combat situation.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from . on 5/27/2015
5 Stars
Karambit Understood
This DVD demonstrates the versatility and spectrum of imagination evident in the design and excellent execution of the folding karambit. It fully demonstrates a deep understanding of the weapon and how it can be used. Doug demonstrates the versatility in the design which allows for use in ways that other folding karambits do not. It is evident that not one part of this knife (and trainer) was conceived and produced without a thought & understanding of how it was to be used. Doug's deep understanding of the weapon itself is impressive!!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from . on 2/14/2014
5 Stars
In an ever increasing world of violence with ISIS on the rise the war on our police this dvd is critical in increasing the chances of survivability for oneself and others. The tools given by Doug are masterfully explained in such a practical way that it easy to practice and integrate into muscle memory. A must buy for all police officers security professionals and military personnel.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from . on 3/9/2012
5 Stars
Fantastic knife and trainer
Love this knife and its trainer along with the DVD by Doug Marcaida I feel comfortable carrying the trainer around with me as part of my EDC living in a state where everything form of weapon is a no no its nice being able to carry something I wont get in trouble for.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from . on 1/11/2013
5 Stars
Karambit lesson with Doug
He has his way of teaching that is better than others and I stay glued to the DVD till the end.
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