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599-TK FOX Karambit G10 Orange Trainer Knife Emerson Wave (Size: M - XL)

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This is the NEW 599 FOX Karambit G10 Black Folding Knife !!!

We are EXCITED to present this BRAND NEW Karambit Knife !!! The 599 G10 Black FOX Karambit Knife was co-designed by FOX Knives, Inc. and ReNu Tech Solutions, LLC. Egronomically Perfect !!! Meant to fit Medium to Extra Large Hands.





About the Karambit Folding Knife:

The Karambit is a functional knife first introduced in the Indonesian archipelago. However, some believe that this unique design originated in Malaysia or the Philippines. The knife was originally designed to be a working folding knife and dates back to the 6th century. This unusual but functional design was first introduced into the United States at the end of the 1800s but was only put into use by the mid 1900s. In Europe it was first introduced in 1970 and 1980 for use in several martial arts disciplines like the Indonesian Pencak Silat, the Malaysian Bursilat and the Pilipino Kali. Today the Karambit Folding Knife is the next generation of Folding Knives. With the advantage of the Emerson “Wave Shaped Opening Feature” (Patent #5,878,500), this is one of the finest personal defense weapons ever developed.

- Ergonomic Handle Design fits Forward and Reverse Grip perfectly
- Can be carried for Reverse or Forward grip deployment
- Total Ambidextrous opening

Founded by Oreste Frati in Italy, FOX Knives are known worldwide for their innovative quality and solid craftsmanship in cutlery since 1977.

We believe that the FOX Karmabit Knife is one of the most unassuming and powerful knives on the market for personal and self defense. Not only that, but we are extremely honored to be allowed by Ernest Emerson himself to utilize his patented (#5,878,500) "Wave Shaped Opening Feature" (or Remote Pocket Opener). With this important and added feature in an emergency or injury situation the knife can be opened with one hand as it is drawn from the pocket.

The FOX Karambit Knife is three tools in one:
1) Utility Knife
2) Martial Arts Knife
3) Self Defense Knife

Blade Specs:
Blade Style: Talon
Blade Edge: Plain (V Grind)
Blade Finish: Teflon Coated Black Finish
Blade Length: 2.25"
Steel Type: N690 Co Stainless Steel
Length Open: 7.0"
Length Closed: 4.75"
Weight: 3.5 oz.
Thickness: 0.12"
Pocket Clip: Black Ambidextrous Tip-Up
Handle Material: G-10 (Composite Material)
Handle Color: Black
Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock
Manufacturing Country: Italy/USA
Retail Price: $169.95

1) Use a Ruler or a Tape Measure
2) Make sure you DO NOT INCLUDE your Thumb and your Fingers in this measurement
3) ONLY measure the WIDTH of the four tops of your knuckles where your fingers attach to your hand (from your Index Pointer Finger Knuckle all the way across to your Pinky Knuckle)
4) If your hand measures 4 Inches or UNDER in width then the 599 FOX Karambit Black G10 Knife is going to be the BETTER FIT for your hand. 
5) Again, If you hand is 4 Inches or UNDER in width, we STRONGLY suggest that you DO NOT order the 479 or 479TK Karambit Knives as they will NOT fit your hand properly, as they are meant for XXL Size Hands and any returns will cause a 15% restocking fee we don't want you to incur.

Due to Laws currently in force in the State of New York that have recently been passed, ReNu Tech Solutions, LLC cannot ship or sell knives to individuals who are residents of Manhatten (or New York City), NY. We ARE ALLOWED to ship anywhere else in the state of New York. Also, you MUST be OVER 18 years of age to purchase ANY of our knives that we have have for sale. - Thank you, Ladislao Mandiola

Any questions, please contact us at:
Email: info@theultimateknife.com
Phone: 941-504-2400

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Product Reviews

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  1. One of the best. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Aug 2015

    Down right amazing. I see no cons just pros on the 599.

  2. Best defense EDC available 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Aug 2015

    Words just don't describe the Emerson Waved Feature or the 599; the expierence is all I can say. Craftsmanship is top of line and the customer appreciation of theultimateknife.com is as top notch as the products. Thanks for quick turn around on my second purchase. The medium fits like a glove and clock spins are effortless.

  3. A great Karambit 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jul 2015

    This is an excellent edc Karambit. Great size and efficient deployment. I won't leave home without it! Buy it with the trainer and practice...you will be amazed. Highly recommended!

  4. Everything you see and expect. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jul 2015

    This knife draws and opens as fast as you see in all the videos promoting it. You learn very fast what way to draw it safely from your pants or any other object you use to open and that initial lesson also demonstrates how incredible this knife is for a EDC and self defense knife. The karambit blade's curved tip grabs and cuts immediately anything it touches. It is clearly a great self defense knife or blunt force tool. I've owned a bunch of knives over the years but this is the replacement for all of them! The only negative is the strong texture on both sides of the knife which is great but honestly too "grippy". With the texture beneath the pocket clip it can be difficult to impossible to swiftly pull from a pocket. I carry it in a pocket alone and not clipped in for full concealment but highly recommend sanding the area under the clip as seen in one of the videos. It would be great if the knife came with smooth replacement sides so you could decide which side to put the clip on and add the side necessary. That's minor though. Bigger complaint is that now I want the Tanto blade version too but can't see it replacing the 599 for self defense uses.

  5. Amazing Light Knife 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Jul 2015

    I got this knife a few weeks ago and i could not believe how light weight the knife was. It has an amazing natural feel in your hand and i love the ring retention. The emerson wave makes it ready for you right when you need it and is just an all around awesome knife.

  6. Best knife I ever bought 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jul 2015

    Let me start off with I have been looking at this knife for about a month. I have read every review for the 599, 599+trainer, 479, 478, combat, dart, dart and trainer. For a grand total of 346 reviews at my last count and this knife stands up to the hype. I own a lot of knives and have been on the search for the perfect blade and I honestly feel I have found it.
    I am in lawenforcement and I needed a good blade for self defence on duty and off duty. I always carried two blades at all times. One for everyday use or as utility knife and I have been carrying the Kershaw blur for two years now as my EDC for self defense. This knife is going as my new EDC with the blur as my general use blade. My only problem is to carry strong hand or off hand for gun retention purposes. I was thinking of ordering another clip so I could use either pocket without changing the clip back and forth but I don’t think the knife would work as it is made to perform.
    I just received my knife yesterday it got here in three days which was 2 days sooner than what USPS said it would arrive.
    I opened the package and the knife was very sharp it easily shaved the hair of my arm. The G10 grip is great I was thinking it would be more aggressive by all the reviews but I think it is perfect. But I did find that the G10 under the clip was a little rough for the fast draw and I could see me ruining my pants in the next few days of playing with the knife. So I sanded the G10 down about 10 mins after I got it and now it's perfect.
    The wave feature is every bit as fast as advertised. It only took me 4 or 5 draws to have it mostly down. It’s still a little awkward when I am wearing loose shorts or pants but my 511 duty pants it works everytime. The knife fits perfect in my hand in both holds I prefer the index finger through the ring. The blade length is perfect. I was thinking it would be a little short but I would not change it at all.
    The craftsmanship of this knife is amazing and well worth the money I spent. I only wish I could have gotten the trainer as well. I don’t typically make purchases of this amount of money for myself but I needed this knife. Yes, I said need.
    So in conclusion to this huge review. It’s Worth every single penny and the best knife I have ever owned The Fox 599 karambit is not made for opening boxes and a knife you are putting your trust into too save your life or someone else’s life should be kept in the best working order as possible.

  7. Awesome knife 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jul 2015

    Very well made, easy to learn and use. I carry as a backup weapon on duty. Excellent use for weapon retention!

  8. Awesome 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jul 2015

    Love the karambit design. The only model I could find was the Emerson for $300. Then I found this. It's very reasonable. Plus it has the wave. I carry this as my EDC knife. It's one of the most natural knives to use as well as the fastest.

  9. Best Karambit on the market! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jul 2015

    I definitely give this knife 5 stars I find myself caring it instead of the Emerson I have it's not as bulky in your pocket. And is sharp as a scalpel. Fox knives has supreme craftsmanship all around there is not a thing wrong that I can find only took 2 working days to get it Florida to California. Wish I could afford the Dart as well.

  10. Amazing knife! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jul 2015

    The knife was razor sharp when it came in. You instantly feel that this is no cheap 20$ knife. It is well worth it's money! The wave feature is so satisfying to use!
    It has a really tight liner lock, and I had a few small scratches on the ring after carrying it for a while, wich I don't mind to much. I love this knife, always in my pockets from now on <3

Showing reviews 1-10 of 198 | Next