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599 XT & 599 XTTK FOX Karambit G10 Fighting & Trainer Knife (Size: M - XL)

599 XT & 599 XTTK FOX Karambit G10 Fighting & Trainer Knife (Size: M - XL)

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This is the NEW 599 XT & 599 XTTK FOX Karambit G10 Black & Orange Trainer Knife Set !!!

We are EXCITED to present this BRAND NEW Package Set !!! The 599 XT G10 Black & 599 XTTK Orange Trainer FOX Karambit Knives designed by Lad Mandiola (with ReNu Tech Solutions, LLC). Egronomically Perfect !!! Meant to fit Medium to Extra Large Hands.





Blade Specs:
Blade Style: Talon
Blade Edge: Plain (V-Grind)
Blade Finish: Teflon Coated Black Finish & Stainless Steel (Trainer)
Blade Length: 2.25"
Steel Type: N690 Co Stainless Steel (Orange Trainer - 440C Stainless Steel)
Length Open: 7.0"
Length Closed: 4.75"
Weight: 4.4 oz.
Thickness: 0.12"
Pocket Clip: Black Ambidextrous Tip-Up
Handle Material: G-10 (Composite Material) for both knives
Handle Color: Black (Actual Knife) & Orange (Trainer)
Locking Mechanism: Back Lock / New Locking Mechanism / Flavio Ikoma's IKBS Ball Bearing system
Manufacturing Country: Italy
Retail Price: MSRP: $348.90 / MAP: $274.90

1) Use a Ruler or a Tape Measure
2) Make sure you DO NOT INCLUDE your Thumb and your Fingers in this measurement
3) ONLY measure the WIDTH of the four tops of your knuckles where your fingers attach to your hand (from your Index Pointer Finger Knuckle all the way across to your Pinky Knuckle)
4) If your hand measures 4 Inches or UNDER in width then the 599 FOX Karambit Black G10 Knife is going to be the BETTER FIT for your hand. 
5) Again, If you hand is 4 Inches or UNDER in width, we STRONGLY suggest that you DO NOT order the 479 or 479TK Karambit Knives as they will NOT fit your hand properly, as they are meant for XXL Size Hands and any returns will cause a 15% restocking fee we don't want you to incur.

Any questions, please contact us at:
Email: info@theultimateknife.com
Phone: 941-504-2400

Due to Laws currently in force in the State of New York that have recently been passed, ReNu Tech Solutions, LLC cannot ship or sell knives to individuals who are residents of Manhatten (or New York City), NY. We ARE ALLOWED to ship anywhere else in the state of New York. Also, you MUST be OVER 18 years of age to purchase ANY of our knives that we have have for sale.

We also cannot sell or ship any of our knives or trainers to Canada or Australia.

Warning: The 599-TK FOX Karambit Orange Trainer possess metal; are talon shaped and although they are blunted and dull, care must be exercised during any training routine. They may cause pain or injury if they jab, or poke or strike another person. They are hard and will chip bone given the chance. Always wear safety glasses or suitable eye protection whenever you use these, or any training knives.

5 Stars
Very close to perfect
The old 599 got mixed reviews, but this knife addressed all of those issues. The back lock is sturdy, and the additional lock makes this virtually a fixed blade. The wave feature works great, as it always does. The sizing is PERFECT for my hands. I wear a 10-11 in gloves (Medium to Large), with the width of my hand being just under 4" across the knuckles. The thickness of the knife is perfect for use, and the blade is extremely sharp. N690CO is a great steel, so I'm sure it will hold up well. The blade locks up without ANY movement in any direction. There is 0 wobble in the pocket clip. The trainer is made to the exact same quality, and functions identically. It is VERY high quality, that you don't often see in trainers (it even features the additional lock and glass breaker, and would make a perfect impact weapon for self defense where you can not carry edged weapons). Both the knife and the trainer come with Torx wrench (THANK YOU), and a spare pocket clip and screws (preapplied locktite as well). The price may be steep for the trainer, but I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. The only con is the additional lock is impossible to engage from deployment into an "ice pick" grip. However, this is just a limitation of where you can physically place the lock, so it is not a big deal. I would never apply stress to the backside of a folding knife, anyway. I have not had any issues with the lock failing during grappling, either. Buy it with confidence!.
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Reviewed by:  from Florida, USA.. on 12/31/2016
5 Stars
Ready out of the box
There are negative reviews online about this company that almost scared me off. They complained about the knives having faulty locks, the shipping time being insane, having bad customer service problems. I didn't experience ANY of that. First off, the knives are flawless. No play on both the trainer and the actual 599. This thing is well put together. The clip is tight and there aren't any defects that I can see with my naked eye. The 599 XT came as sharp as it should; Cuts through paper easily right out of the box. Seriously, there isn't even a minor scratch anywhere on either of these knives and I'm looking closely! The new backlock almost makes it feel like it's a fixed blade once it's out. I'll be very surprised if the lock fails anytime in the near future. The deploy for both of them is fast and smooth as hell. The jimping feels really good but the G-10 texturing is a little rough, I might sand it down so its a little smoother. It wont rough up your hands too much, it's just my preference. They arrived here 2 days after I ordered it, greased up and ready to roll. I couldn't ask for a better experience or a better product for the price. The trainer might seem expensive but when you're holding it in your hand and feeling how solid it's put together there isn't a doubt about its worth. Could easily double as an impact weapon. The only regret you might have about buying this is that you didn't do it sooner!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Virginia. on 1/13/2017
4 Stars
Best Gun Alternative
Love these knives! Viscous yet elegant. Heed the warnings and get the trainer. After three weeks I have some observations: The knife is sharp, really sharp. Both knife and trainer are perfectly balanced and fit comfortably in either grip position and in either hand. Deploys exactly as depicted. These knives are high quality and perfect for those instances when you can't have or get to your firearm. I really like the new backlock. When you can hear and feel the blade lock in, you know that sucker isn't going anywhere. It may be just this knife, but once the blade is free from the handle (two hand opening) there is a rough spot causing noticeable drag. Doesn't prevent it from opening, but its noticeable and nowhere as smooth as the trainer. I tried grease and it helped a little, but overall it's still rough after three weeks. Being a lefty, I've had on two occasions the side lock catch and move forward just enough to stop the blade from fully opening. I remedied this by not drawing while pressing the knife against my body. Not a deal breaker, but lefties need to be aware. The blade lock, a totally useless feature in my opinion. Using the knife as an EDC weapon and not as a tool, there is no need to have the blade locked open and locking while carrying renders the wave feature useless and defeats the purpose of the knife. The trainers handle will get dingy from dirt/oils on the hand. Purely cosmetic. Haven't tried to clean it either. When using the knife/trainer as a flailing impact tool depicted by Doug in the videos, the grooves in the retaining ring will rough up your middle finger if you practice actively. It hasn't cut my finger up since the edges are beveled, but just another observation. Personally, having the benefit of grooves in the retaining ring far outweigh the irritant of the grooves rubbing the finger in a seldom used flail deployment. I don't care for the height on my glass breaker on either knife. It's too shallow for any sort of pressure control and needs to be 1mm taller to offset the shaved side. Don't dwell on the "negative" observations. These are top quality knives and the best alternative to a gun for self-defense. I can deploy this knife and strike within one second. I carry my Karambit every day and everywhere. I love this knife so much I've relegated my Emerson A100 and Benchmade Gryptillian to the safe. I did knock off one star simply for my knife having that rough spot in the bearing and the useless side lock.
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Reviewed by:  from Oklahoma City. on 12/23/2016
5 Stars
Great Quality
Everything I expected and more! Great trainer and the Karambit itself is awesome!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from . on 8/5/2016
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